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Home Schooling and Education

WES Today

Home Education TodayWe supply tutorial based learning courses to enable parents to teach their children at home either on a full time or ‘top-up’ basis. Families return to us year after year and frequently recommend us to friends and colleagues.

WES offers:

  • Reception and Foundation courses for 4-5 year olds
  • Courses in English, Mathematics Science and Humanities from 5 -14
  • Single subjects to complement local schooling
  • Daily lesson plans
  • Tutorial support, advice and assessment
  • Educational books and materials
  • Easy to follow courses which require no previous teaching experience
  • Courses which can be started at any time of the year

WES home school families live in a variety of places in over 30 countries and in every continent.  Some may even be sailing around the world!

WES clients include:

  • Employees working for multi-national companies
  • Development agencies
  • Missionary organisations
  • Overseas schools and groups
  • Families working independently

WES Home School – proven and used by families throughout the world!

This web site gives a full overview of our services.  For further information, please contact us using the online enquiry form.  We are always happy to chat to prospective clients in the UK or overseas.