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Home Schooling and Education

Support for Families

Although many families opt for the full package of course materials when homeschooling with WES there are other ways in which we can assist families on a short term or part-time basis. These include:

Attendance at local school
Families who live in non-English speaking parts of the world find it useful to follow our English courses to ensure their children keep up with their UK peers. These top-up courses can be studied alongside attendance at local school.

Absence from school
Unfortunately there are occasions when children have to be absent from mainstream school, either through serious or prolonged illness or where they have experienced problems, such as bullying. In these circumstances a home schooling package can provide a valuable short-term solution and help a family overcome a particular difficulty. Studying at home can bring back stability and confidence to a worried child and enable a sick child to study on the days when he or she is feeling able to concentrate on schoolwork.

Temporary accommodation
Both in the UK and overseas, families sometimes have to live in temporary accommodation for a limited period or need to move around, staying in a number of places. In these situations it is not easy to arrange school placements, and homeschooling can provide the perfect way for children to continue studying, enabling them to keep up with their studies, before the family is able to arrange a more permanent home.

We are privileged to help many families around the world with their homeschooling needs and are delighted when they let us know of their success. Visit our Homeschooling Testimonials page to read about the positive benefits families have enjoyed from homeschooling.