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Homeschooling Costs

We offer a fully integrated course package of materials to families with no hidden extras.  Each package is made up of four elements – fees, books, kits and delivery.


The typical fees per term are as follows:

Four subject package (Years 1-6) £710
Five subject package  (Years 7-9) £750

Homeschooling costs include course materials(One, two or three subject packages for any year are also available – please contact us for an individual quote)

These costs cover:

  • Full detailed lesson plans, teachers notes, workbooks
  • Tutorial support and advice
  • Assessment on a six weekly basis for English, Maths and Science
  • Assessment on a six weekly basis for Geography and History (Years 7-9 only)
  • A final report on your child’s progress for their new school
  • Certificate of Completion for your child
  • Exercise books


The average costs for a book pack per term are:

Primary      Secondary  
English £73 (£50-£141)
English  £71
Maths  £13 (£5-£25) Maths   £11
Science  £40 (£26-£60)
Science   £37
Humanities    £74 (£31-£100) History  £15
    Geography   £43


Science and Maths kits to complement the courses range from £20 for Infant science kit to £230 for the primary maths kit.


All course materials are despatched by door-to-door courier service and costs are determined by weight. 

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This web site gives a full overview of our services.  For further information, please contact us using the email link or telephone the WES office on 01228 577123.  We are always happy to chat to prospective clients in the UK or overseas.