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Course Packages for Schools, Missions and Homeschooling Groups

International school tutor using home schooling course from WES Home School.WES course packages are also available under licence for schools, missions and homeschooling groups. If you are a small international school or mission, just starting a group, already working at home with other families or are in a larger established group of home schoolers we can help you.

You may need to cater for small numbers of children in a variety of age groups and haven’t got the expertise to provide the breadth of work required with a limited number of staff or

You may be using off the shelf schemes or books purchased or downloaded from the internet. Even though many of these items look good, how do you know they are meeting the needs of your pupils and the requirements of the National Curriculum?

It is difficult to choose the best material from the huge range of books and educational resources available today and there is always the concern that important topics will be omitted or not covered in enough depth. What happens if you need help or advice? Who can you turn to for guidance on small or large issues? How do you know if the children in your group are in line with their peers attending school?

If you are searching for top quality, structured but flexible courses, together with all the books and resources you need, then look no further!

International Home TuitionWES course packages, or single subject courses, are now available for groups of three or more children home schooling together and represent a considerable saving over individual family enrolments. Schools, missions and groups can purchase courses for use under a special licence granted annually by WES, the cost of which will be reviewed every two years.

The benefits increase each year as courses can continue to be used for subsequent children until such time as they are replaced or revised in line with changes to the National Curriculum of England. Families following the course in the second year will only need to pay their termly licence fee and purchase the workbooks.

Groups receive the same support and service as individual families including the ongoing and valuable support from a WES personal tutor.