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Most children in England start their Primary education in a Reception class starting from 4 years upwards. However an increasing number of Primary schools now offer a Nursery class for children aged 3 plus. There are also a number of private nursery schools. Attendance may be for just one or two sessions a week, half days every day, or full-time. Some children may be at home full-time where learning experiences will again be variable depending upon the family situation. In Nursery classes much of the children’s time will be spent in free play and outdoor activities and only a small amount of time will be taken up with more formal activities.

The WES Nursery Course has been designed to offer what we at WES Home School consider to be the most appropriate educational experiences which are available to the child who is between the ages of 3 and 4.  Within this course we aim to provide the learning experiences and activities your child would experience within a nursery school or playgroup.

Research shows that, in order to enhance learning, children at this stage of development need plenty of exploration and active involvement based on their own experiences, space and time to explore, freedom of movement and interested adults to talk with. The Home School environment is ideal in being able to offer this type of activity, as well as introducing children to early skills.

The WES Nursery Course is an informal course designed around topics which are likely to appeal to children aged between 3 and 4. There are no fixed lessons but the programme is divided so that material is provided for each week, giving parents the opportunity to organise two, three or four sessions per week to suit the family.Nursery Courses

As with all WES courses, the Nursery Course is based on one year’s study consisting of three 12 week terms.  The material for each term is focused around two topics, designed to appeal to young children. Two Topics are included for each term.

Each topic is introduced and expanded through several story books linked to that theme. These are books chosen to be shared with children and ones where they can start to join in as the story becomes familiar. There is also a rhyme/poetry book which can inspire a range of activities. Nursery Sample Pdf