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Special Needs Homeschooling

Over the years WES has been very successful in supporting several families of children with additional needs, and they have been grateful for our support.

For children who are working at a level below that of their school year group, we would encourage parents to purchase our teaching materials for a lower year group, and our tutors can assist with decisions on the appropriate level. Tutors can advise on modifying lesson plans and teaching styles, and support with suggestions for building in the repetition and practice which can help to reinforce what has been taught. Lessons can be taken at a slower pace, in order to accommodate the child’s needs.

However, it is worth noting that WES lesson plans and teaching materials follow the National Curriculum, and we are unable to supply specialist or bespoke resources, or to offer specialised programmes.

WES has two tutors with expertise in special needs (one working with primary aged children and the other with secondary students) and they have provided some background information about their specialist experience.

Rebecca Snell (BA, PGCE, PG Dip ALN)
“I developed an interest in special needs while teaching in mainstream early years settings. This led to a move into teaching in special schools for pupils with physical and neurological disabilities, which gave me experience of working with young children with a range of complex needs and developmental delay. I later took my experience back into teaching in mainstream schools, and subsequently worked with young people and adults with disabilities to identify their learning needs so that they could better access learning and training opportunities. I have supplemented my initial teacher training with a postgraduate qualification in Additional Learning Needs.”

Shelagh Hodder (BSc)
“I worked in a number of different educational settings in England, and overseas in Nigeria and Indonesia, teaching children of all ages through primary to Key Stage 3 for 10 years. When I returned to the UK to live, I found that mainstream educational methods were not suitable for many children who used them. I gravitated towards the Steiner Waldorf system of learning. Through learning and additional courses, I became the SENCO in a Waldorf school in the UK. I firmly believe that all our children can learn if given the system, methods and approaches suitable for them.”

2022 Testimonial from a family receiving WES homeschooling for a child with additional needs:
“The curriculum lesson plans are easy to follow for not only me but the teachers I have employed to teach my son. Even they have commented that yours is the best homeschooling curriculum they have come across so far. I have worked with two of your tutors for each grade respectively and they have been outstanding in support, availability and advice especially since my son has a learning difficulty. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that your institution and staff have always been there in every respect. I most definitely recommend your company to any parent that is looking for an excellent homeschooling institution.”
Mrs A. Žeravica, Zambia
February 2022