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Homeschooling Testimonials

A selection of Testimonials received by WES Home School in 2022

“I am so grateful to WES for providing homeschool materials and easy to follow lesson plans. As I don’t have a background in teaching, having lesson plans helped me feel confident and better equipped to educate my own children at home. It was also beneficial that the lessons plans included both support and extension suggestions. I would certainly recommend using WES to others who are looking for good quality materials for homeschooling.”

Tossell Family, Asia  August 2022

“We live in Botswana and have been using WES for 7 years for our three children (14, 11, 5).

We work in the safari industry and home schooling enables us to adapt our children’s education to our lifestyle, as well as giving them invaluable life experiences travelling with us.

The coursework is comprehensive and detailed and the support from tutors is great. We moved to the UK for 3 years and continued home schooling there too. We have found home schooling to be hugely beneficial and gives our children a quality holistic educational experience.”

Raggett family, Botswana
May 2022

“WES homeschool has been invaluable for our three boys over the seven years we have been living abroad. It has kept us in line with the British National Curriculum and the standard is very high. The lesson plans have been so easy to folllow and provided everything a non experienced homeschooling parent, like me, needed. We’ve always had a lot of support and helpful advice from the tutors and office and haven’t needed any other material other than WES for homeschooling.” A mum on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau (India)  May 2022

“The WES programme has been absolutely the right fit for us. I love the broad choice of literature in the English programme, the quality of the materials is excellent, the Maths programme is both fun and challenging and we really enjoy the Science programme and applying it to our own context by using materials from our local area in experiments and investigations.

I am very satisfied with the academic skills my children are developing, and confident that were they to return to a formal school setting, they would be going in with strong reading, writing, mathematical and analytical skills. Homeschooling your children is always a big commitment but using the WES programme helps to ensure a high standard is being met and that you have support when needed.”
Azzougarh family, Morocco April 2022

“Tara especially enjoyed making the map for Harry and a Bucketful of Dinosaurs book, and the second favourite activity she did was making a playdough dinosaur.”

Mondkar family
April 2022

“Deciding to educate our children at home has been one of the most rewarding decisions we have made for our family. It suits us, our location and our lifestyle. WES Home are very efficient, They understand and cater for the needs of a homeschooling family very well indeed. Thank you very much”
The Cocker Family, Zambia April 2022

“I love how comprehensively and age appropriate the topics are covered by WES.

The lesson plans are easy to follow and we have thoroughly enjoyed studying with them.”

Ali family
March 2022

“We have been following your curriculum for two years now all the way from Zambia. I wish to thank you for the most wonderful service during this period. You are always an email away and promptly sort out any query and make sure the curriculum lessons and supporting books are sent and received timeously. The curriculum lesson plans are easy to follow for not only me but the teachers I have employed to teach my son. Even they have commented that yours is the best homeschooling curriculum they have come across so far.

I have worked with two of your tutors for each grade respectively and they have been outstanding in support, availability and advice especially since my son has a learning difficulty. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that your institution and staff have always been there in every respect. I most definitely recommend your company to any parent that is looking for an excellent homeschooling institution.”
Mrs A. Žeravica, Zambia  February 2022

“In the middle of the pandemic in 2020 we decided to homeschool our family and enrolling my girls for year 6 and year 2 was one of the best decisions we made in their education journey. The reading material and curriculum is well designed and has helped us in strengthening their core subjects. The English reading books, Maths manipulatives and science resources shared by WES are incredible and were very necessary in order to understand the fundamental concepts of core subjects. The feedback from the tutor was very detailed and helps to reflect a lot. Their confidence has soared since they joined WES and am extremely grateful to you all.”
Neelma and Vaibhav Joshi (UAE) November 2021

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