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WES Homeschooling In The UAE

Abu Dhabi in UAE where WES offers homeschoolingHomeshooling in the UAE is rising in popularity among expatriate families. We have families homeschooling with us in many regions of the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Parents are employed in a variety of areas. Some families who are unable to secure a place at an international private school – or are not able to pay the enormous fees – have chosen to homeschool and are very appreciative of the breadth of WES courses offered.

WES homeschooling courses provide a well-structured and cost-effective way for families in the UAE to educate their children. WES offers courses from Nursery up to the end of Key Stage 3 with a tutor to guide every family through the course.

There is an International WES agent based in Dubai who can provide information and guidance on WES courses for all ages.

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