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Although education in the UK is not compulsory until 5 years of age, the majority of children now attend a Reception class in a Primary school from 4 years upwards. Parents, quite understandably, want to ensure that their children have as good a start as possible and that they are adequately prepared for the demands of Year 1 schooling.

Research shows that, in order to enhance learning, children at this stage of development need plenty of exploration and active involvement based on their own experiences, space and time to explore, freedom of movement and interested adults to talk with. It is important, for the child’s future development that reading, writing and number be placed in context and at the child’s level of understanding and interest.

The WES Reception Course is in line with the goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage and is designed to ensure that children have achieved these goals by the end of Reception, as they enter Year 1.

Each term’s work consists of a short Literacy lesson for each day, a short Maths lesson and Topic work based around topics designed to appeal to young children. Each Topic is introduced through picture/story books; information books are also introduced to children.

The Topics in Reception are: Term 1 – All About Air and All About Water.            Term 2 – Dinosaurs and Time Passing. Term 3 – In the Garden and Going Shopping

The Teaching Notes contain a full programme of activities for each term and include:

  • language and communication, including activities to develop reading and writing skills. The core reading scheme which is used in Years 1-3 is introduced through the Literacy lessons.
  • number, shape and space to give a sure foundation  in mathematical concepts, based on the Abacus maths scheme used all through Key Stage 1 and 2.
  • a variety of science investigations based on observation and experiment with normal everyday objects
  • ideas to develop an awareness of the passing of time and a feeling for history
  • practical experience of various aspects of mapmaking and a growing understanding of the wider world
  • art activities involving a variety of media, together with practical craft activities and simple technology
  • music and movement, based around the stories and their development.

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