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WES Homeschooling In Africa

Homeschooling in AfricaThere are WES homeschooling families in a number of countries in Africa, including a long-standing homeschool group in Morocco. Some families in African countries have been working in Africa on a long-term basis and remain with WES for a number of years, building up close working and long-lasting relationships with their tutors in the UK.

Parents are employed in a wide variety of areas and we have doctors, missionaries, mining experts, game wardens and conservationists educating their children at home using WES courses.

The world can be very different for WES families relocating to new lives in Africa. One WES grandmother reported that her daughter was making a meal for a number of guests prepared entirely in a biscuit tin in the ground!

We hope to have a WES agent based in Morocco who can provide information and guidance on WES courses for all ages.

Testimonials from families currently living in Africa feature in our 2022 Homeschooling Testimonials page.

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