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Key Stage 2 – English

Download Sample Lesson PdfThe WES Primary English course is based upon the requirements of the Literacy Strategy which is now followed in primary schools in England. Pupils are taught the following skills in a systematic way and within meaningful contexts, by studying a variety of texts – fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc.

In the early stages children will also be using a graded reading scheme, spelling and handwriting books. Speaking and Listening skills occur throughout as discussion forms an integral part and lessons are supported by games and activities.

Reading Comprehension
The need is for pupils to understand a wider variety of texts, their organisation and purposes. Children are taught to:

  • identify the differences between fact and fiction; prose and playscripts
  • secure the skills of skimming, scanning, identifying the main points in a text
  • locate information – using contents, index, headings, page numbers and bibliography
  • describe and evaluate style of writers, poets, comparing and contrasting, critically evaluating, studying recurring themes and characters
  • analyse poetry – use of rhyme, rhythm, figurative language, ambiguity
  • write for specific audiences

Progressive emphasis is placed on the skills of planning, drafting, revising, proof-reading and presentation of writing, as children are taught to:

  • use joined handwriting
  • use speech marks, apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, dashes and brackets
  • use paragraphs and chapters, sub-headings and numbering to organise writing
  • write more extended stories, playscripts, newspaper-type reports, advertisements, using variety of genres as models
  • present pieces of writing supporting various points of view
  • summarise ideas from pieces of writing

There is continuing work on strategies for spelling and punctuation.