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Key Stage 1 – Science

Download Sample Lesson PdfGood Science work is characterised by being active and practical. It should involve investigating, exploring and problem-solving. The WES Science course emphasises the importance of working systematically and logically as well as encouraging creative ways of looking at problems.

It contains a balance between acquiring scientific knowledge and understanding and using the appropriate processes and skills. Children are encouraged to observe, classify, measure, communicate and investigate to an increasing degree. We encourage children to ‘think scientifically’, by looking for common underlying patterns, controlling variables and solving problems which involve the application of scientific knowledge at their level.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 a core Science course is used, supplemented with a variety of information books. The core scientific themes listed below are explored through a variety of topics based on everyday activities and familiar situations.

Experimental and Investigative Science

  • observe and measure
  • question, predict, hypothesise and interpret results
  • make comparisons, recognise a fair test
  • communicate through speech, writing, drawings, tables, graphs

Life Processes and Living Things

  • understand differences between living and non-living things
  • conditions necessary for growth
  • use of the senses, reproduction, staying healthy
  • similarities and differences between humans and other animals
  • conditions needed for growth in plants
  • classification – similarities and differences between themselves and others
  • plants and animals in local environment

Materials and their Properties

  • group and classify materials according to their properties
  • change materials by twisting, bending, heating, cooling

Physical Processes

  • electricity – circuits and switches
  • forces and motion – pushes, pulls, speed, direction
  • light and sound – identifying light sources, making and detecting sounds