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Key Stage 1 – Mathematics

Download Sample Lesson PdfThe WES Maths course uses a structured Maths scheme throughout supported by additional material which ensures a broad and balanced range of activities. Emphasis in the Numeracy Strategy in all the key stages is on extending number work and developing a range of mental methods for calculation.

At all stages children are encouraged to choose and make use of knowledge, skills and understanding being developed at the appropriate level, and to apply them to practical real-life problems as well as mathematical situations. Children begin to grasp mathematical language, using it to talk about their methods and explain their reasoning when solving problems.

During Key Stage 1, children develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematics through practical activity, exploration and discussion in the following areas.  Children are taught to:


  • count, read, write and order numbers to 100 and beyond.
  • create and describe number patterns
  • recognise odd and even numbers
  • recognise the relationship between halving and doubling
  • recognise that the position of a digit gives its value and know what each digit represents
  • understand that addition is the inverse of subtraction
  • use the symbols + , – , x, ÷ , = correctly
  • understand that multiplication is repeated addition
  • begin to understand division as grouping
  • add and subtract to 40
  • use fractions of ½, ¼
  • add and subtract tens and units
  • use multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s

Shape, Space and Measure

  • describe properties of shape using related vocabulary
  • name and describe common2-D and 3-D shapes
  • recognise reflective symmetry in 2-D shapes and patterns
  • describe positions, directions and movements
  • recognise right angles
  • begin using standard units of length, weight and capacity and time