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Key Stage 1 – English

Download Sample Lesson PdfThe WES Primary English course is based upon the requirements of the Literacy Strategy which is now followed in primary schools in England. Pupils are taught the following skills in a systematic way and within meaningful contexts, by studying a variety of texts – fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc.

In the early stages children will also be using a graded reading scheme, spelling and handwriting books. Speaking and Listening skills occur throughout as discussion forms an integral part and lessons are supported by games and activities.

Reading Comprehension
The emphasis is on a wide range of strategies to make sense of their reading.  Children are taught:

  • phonics – building up sounds into words and breaking words down
  • grammatical awareness and the use of context to aid prediction and the deciphering of unknown words
  • to recognise a specified number of frequently occurring words on sight
  • to understand the difference between spoken and written language
  • to read familiar texts with expression
  • to use simple dictionaries and glossaries
  • to re-tell stories, discuss characters, sequence of events and plot, to give reasons for events
  • to discuss meanings of words and phrases

This is linked very much to reading in that the two activities reinforce each other.  Children are taught to:

  • write independently from an early stage – labels, captions, lists, charts, instructions, simple stories and poems, book reviews
  • check for grammatical sense in their writing
  • think about, discuss and plan what they intend to write
  • form letters correctly
  • use and practise handwriting joins
  • use capital letters, full stops, question marks, commas
  • learn to spell a number of specified common words
  • make personal dictionaries and glossaries