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Key Stage 2 – Humanities

Download Sample Lesson PdfHumanities is a combination of different subjects taught in an integrated way through themes or topics rather than as separate subjects. In Years 1-6 this consists of RE, Geography and History . In some terms, the topic may be a specifically historical one, such as the study of Roman Britain in Year 3 or a geographical one, such as the study of Rivers in Year 4. Humanities is brought to life through the use of pictures, maps, time lines, stories, music, drama, art and craft and the local environment.

The Historical themes aim to stimulate an interest in the past and an appreciation of human achievements. We study people and events that ‘made’ history and examine supporting evidence. We look at the everyday life of people in the past and try to relate it to our own situations, considering concepts of change and continuity. We also think about the impact of important historical events.

Our Geography topics provide opportunities for local and world studies, looking at aspects of the physical world and land use in different parts of the world. Concepts such as cause and effect, communications, interdependence and conservation are introduced as well as the skills of making and using maps. Your child will gain a growing knowledge of places – in the UK, in Europe and in more distant parts of the world; and an understanding of physical, human and environmental geography. Your child is also encouraged to undertake a study of his/her own local area.

RE provides the opportunity to trace the growth of Christianity and also to explore different religious traditions and cultures. The aim is to help children understand themselves and the world in which they live in spiritual terms and to encourage them to reflect on their inner world of feelings, imagination and thoughts in an attempt to raise their self awareness.