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Home Schooling and Education


Shelagh Hodder (BSc Hons)
Shelagh joined WES in 1989. She has taught in small schools in Nigeria and Indonesia, and secondary and junior schools in the UK, over a period of 30 years. Having been an expatriate, and having taught overseas, she is aware of some of the difficulties that may be experienced by our Home School families. As well as home tutoring for WES and teaching in mainstream schools, Shelagh also has experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language, teaching typing of Braille for blind pupils, and of being a SENCO in a Steiner School in Kent. In her spare time, she helps run a Brownie pack.

Anne Dent (B.A) 
Anne is a former head teacher of a number of primary schools in Birmingham, and has a wide experience of current educational issues.  Anne’s specialist areas are English and Maths.  She is trained as a marker for Key Stage 2 NCTs (National Curriculum Testing) in English and has organised maths courses for her Local Education Authority.  She has recently been employed as an external adviser to support the work of a wide number of primary schools.

Monica Rumsby (B.Ed)

Monica has a wealth of experience in helping children with special needs as well as those in mainstream schools. She has taught in primary schools, administered NCTs at Key Stages 1 and 2 and has been an externa l English SATS (now NCTs) marker for four years.  She has also worked with adults, teaching them basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as English as a second language, and was adult literacy co-ordinator for South Northants.  Monica now works part time in primary schools both as a special needs and mainstream teacher.

Susan Harrop (Cert. Ed)
Susan’s 35 years experience of teaching children aged 4 to 7 has been in schools in both the state and private sector in the UK and overseas. She has lived in Germany, Spain, the Bahamas and Saudi Arabia where she taught expatriate children. Her main curriculum interests are literacy and numeracy in the early years and she has always enjoyed sharing her love of music with children. She has recently become involved in teaching basic literacy skills to adults and in her spare time enjoys playing golf and working in her garden.

Mary Michell (GTCL Hons, LCTL,PGCE)
Mary is an experienced primary school teacher who has taught both in the UK and Pakistan.  In Pakistan, Mary’s work included providing support to home school families in the region.  As well as mainstream teaching, Mary’s work has involved the teaching of pupils with special educational needs and pupils for whom English is not a first language.  Mary is especially interested in the education of children aged 7-12.  She has worked with several groups of children as they prepare for and take the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests.  Mary’s other great love is music and she teaches piano to pupils of all ages.

Rebecca Snell (BA, PGCE, Dip. Comm. Ed)
Rebecca is an experienced teacher of children aged 3-8 years, with particular interests in child development and in Personal / Social / Health Education. As well as teaching in mainstream schools, and as a home tutor, she has taught children with a range of physical and learning difficulties in special school settings. Rebecca also has some experience of living abroad, during which time she taught English as a foreign language to children and adults in Italy.

Marion Smith (BSc)
Marion has a diverse approach to teaching with experience ranging from primary, through middle and secondary education to her present position as a Link Tutor for the University of Leeds supporting PGCE students in their placement primary schools.  Marion has taught within three Education Authorities in both state and private sectors.  She has specialized in Science, particularly in Key Stage 2,  and is trained to mark National Curriculum Tests. Marion pursues her sporting interests with membership of her local tennis club and by walking in the Yorkshire Dales.           

Louise Campbell (B.A, M.A, PGCE)
Louise is an experienced teacher of History.  She trained to teach in London and has since taught in schools in Essex and Cumbria.  She has experience of teaching across the age and ability range, teaching Key Stage 3 to mixed ability groups as well as GCSE and A level.  She also has experience of pastoral education and has taught PSHE to pupils from 11 – 16 years of age.  Louise has an interest in outdoor education and teaches and assesses students for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.   

Julie Houghton (B.Sc. Hons, PGCE, LL.M., CIEA)
Julie is an experienced distance-learning tutor. She has taught in secondary schools and has been Head of Physics and GCSE Science. She’s a Senior Examiner for several exam boards, and for the former KS3 Science tests. Julie is now a part time ASD teacher and home education tutor. Julie has Physics and Law degrees and taught law undergraduates whilst doing research in medical law and ethics. She is a member of her local church.